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Lisapmed Duo Pack solution forlices

Everyone loves the summer months especially head lice! When the weather gets a little bit warmer they come out to play. Here we have compiled all you need to know, but probably don’t want to know, about head lice. It’s an important and topical subject during these months as there is a known increase of head lice during the warmer months of the year.

What are head lice?

Head lice are greyish, flat insects that live in the human scalp. They survive by sucking on human blood from the scalp. Head Lice are most common in children from the ages of 4 to 11 and can be passed on with direct head to head contact of 30 seconds or so.

Before we begin with prevention and solution methods, you should first understand the head lice life cycle.

Head Lice life cycle:

  • Eggs (nits) take 7 to 11 days to mature and hatch.
  • It takes 9-12 days for the baby louse to grow into an adult (to approximately the size of a sesame seed).
  • Once an adult, it needs to find a mate.
  • The female lays her first eggs ONLY 24 hours after pairing – and then continues to lay eggs day after day.
  • Head lice need fresh blood supply from the scalp in order to live. If they don’t have contact to fresh blood supply within two days they will die.

How to check for lice:

head lice
(Source: www.fraserhealth.ca)

The first step when checking for lice is to use a special lice comb, brushing through the hair. Head lice are quite easy to spot in the scalp, while nits (the eggs) are more difficult to see as they are often mistaken for dandruff. Nits contain more colour than dandruff and are harder to remove from the scalp.

How to prevent head lice:

  • Head Lice spread with head to head contact (mainly with children) so try to avoid head-to-head contact or sharing objects used on the head.
  • Keep long hair tied up especially when around others.
  • Invest in a special lice comb and check hair regularly.
  • Use LisapMed shampoo and spray once a week.


How to treat head lice with LisapMed

LisapMed is a product range from Lisap designed to prevent and treat head lice.

LisapMed Shampoo 250ml

LisapMed Shampoo is a mild formula enriched with tea tree oil and other essential oils that cleanse the hair and scalp, creating a hostile environment for head lice. As a preventative method it is recommended to use the shampoo once a week. If treating head lice use the shampoo three times a week.

Lisap Lisapmed Shampoo 250ml


LisapMed Spray 150ml

The LisapMed leave in spray is 100% paraben free and designed to be used once a week as a preventative method or three times a week as a treatment method.

LisapMed Spray 150ml


Both products can be purchased as a special duo pack offer for €12+vat. It is recommended to use both products in conjunction with each other as the shampoo and spray have been designed to work most effectively when used together to prevent or treat head lice.