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6 Powerful reasons why you should use Crack!


Crack® Hair products are a specially designed for unruly frizzy hair, very little product is needed to create luscious locks. All products can be used on extensions and are sulfate free.

Crack is a unique multi-tasking leave in treatment AND styling aid, that instantly and effectively transforms, keratin-depleted, stressed, frizzy, curly hair to a sleek, smooth, healthy, shiny dimension.

1- Provides immediate increased elasticity and strength to keratin deprived hair

2- Reduces hair breakage by more than 80% when blow drying thick, curly, frizzy hair -to a sleek, straight shiny style, providing excellent slip and ‘combability’ of wet or dry hair. Crack allows the  brush to gently glide through the hair, for less stress on the hair and the stylist!

3- Provides immediate protection from UVA/UVB, thermal styling, chlorine and other chemicals

4- Eliminates split ends and frizz by nourishing, polishing and protecting the hair

5- No greasy build up that causes hair to go limp after repeated use

6- Great for use with hair extensions and extending the effects of smoothing and straightening treatments


Written by: Margaret Costello