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Customer Reviews: Crack Hair Care Products

Customer Reviews: Crack Hair Care Products

We at The Hair and Beauty Company recently decided to give some of our customers free samples of Crack Hair Care products with the understanding that they would supply us with an honest review of the product. A week has passed and the first of those reviews have arrived back and so we give you the first in a new series of Blog posts, Customer Reviews: Crack.

Until 01/01/2017 The Hair & Beauty Company are offering 20% off on all Crack products.

We gave out small packs containing:

Crack Clean and Soaper Shampoo sample

Crack Leave In Treatment Conditioner sample


from Clare

I thought Crack was great, after using crack Shampoo it did make my hair softer. I really liked the smell of the shampoo as well. I did have less frizz after using it aswell, I would definitely consider buying this product.


from Galway

I was really excited to use the conditioner as the pack said that it could add volume to your hair, I’ve got quite thin hair normally and was really looking forward to the bost.

After using the conditioner and shampoo I did not a difference in my Hair had alot more volume, I wasn’t expecting to notice the increased shine on my hair as I have quite healthy colour in my hair naturally but I did notice that it looked even better after using the Crack products… I’m not mad about the name 😉


from Limerick

I used the products for a couple of days and started to see some god results, your hair definitely looks better right after being washed with Crack, I was a little surprised from the difference between this and my normal shampoo as it’s not like i was using cheap products before. This seemed to suit my hair a little better I guess.

That’s the end of our first ‘Customer Reviews’ Blog post, we hoped you enjoyed it and we’d like to thank Hanah, Amy and Lucy for taking part and tell those reading to ‘watch this space’ as we hope to make our customer reviews a regular feature here on The Hair & Beauty Company Blog.