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Saoirses TOP 10: Fabuloss Detox Tea

fabuloss detox tea

Fabuloss Detox Tea
A 14 day detox does everyone the WORLD of good. This 2 step tea regime is as easy as pie (low calorie pie of course). There is a day tea and a night tea. The day tea is taken every morning; it increases your energy levels and decreases your appetite. It tastes super yummy like summer fruits.
The night tea is only taken every 2nd night, this one cleanses your body of all toxins and also aids the weight loss process. These teas work best side by side, but can still be used separately depending on your desired results. As wish all of our products, our staff will be able to inform you of any information required. Never be hesitant to talk to us, we are always happy to talk to our customers!