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Protect your hair: Heat protection tips – The Hair & Beauty Company


Protect your hair!

Having curly, frizzy hair is something most of us have, and especially in Ireland with the temperamental weather. I was born with a frizzy head and since my mid-teens I have been using hair straighteners to try and combat the frizz but something that is very important and that I make sure I always use is a heat protector for my hair!

Not using a heat protector will cause damage to your hair resulting in split ends, dry, brittle and unconditioned hair.  I always think that if your hair looks good, you feel good about yourself so I recommend to invest in good quality hair products that will give your hair the care it needs. After all your hair is the crown you never take off right?


So why should you use heat protector?

A heat protector (whether it’s in a spray, cream or liquid form) adds moisture and a protective layer to your hair. It soothes and softens your hair as you apply heat to it. Without using a heat protector your hair will become dry and damaged! Heat protectors will add important vitamins and nutrients to your hair and will ensure that your hair is stronger and healthier looking.


When should you use heat protectors?

Anytime your hair is exposed to heat (hair dryer, hot weather, heated stylers) you should be using a heat protector. Activate a small amount of product in the palms of your hands and apply it to the ends of your hair.


Useful tips on how you can reduce the amount of thermal damage to your hair?

  • Use heated tools/stylers less often
  • Use heated tools that have ceramic plates (as they provide heat protector). You can check out our heated stylers here.
  • Set the tools at a low temperature.
  • Deep condition your hair or use hair treatment masks every week. Browse our hair care products here.
  • Using daily hair oils are also great.


Crack will protect your hair

One of our hair brands, Crack, which was created by professional hairdressers, is the perfect product to protect your hair from heat, chlorine and thermal styling while also conditioning your hair. Crack is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, sulfate and paraben free making it an overall perfect product that won’t cause damage to your hair!

Crack Clean & Soaper Shampoo made with acai extract and silk protein, will detox, moisturise and protect hair from dryness, reduce breakage, and add texture to the hair.

Crack In Treatment Conditioner will de-frizz hair making it more manageable while re-conditioning and adding shine.

Crack Styling Crème reduces hair breakage and split ends by more than 80% when applying heat. Made with acai extract and wheat protein, this product protects hair from UVB/UVA, thermal heat and chlorine, and also adds frizz control up to 24 hours.


Check out Crack’s website and like their Facebook page.