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The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift Ideas- Altchek Manager’s Specials

mothers day

This week our Manager’s Special is all about treating your mum on Mother’s Day. Let her know you are thinking of her and buy her the gift she really wants. We have huge savings on our Manager’s Special for this week; Altchek MD skincare range.


Altchek MD Skincare Range

Altchek MD Skincare Range consists of preventive and corrective anti-aging products that are made of safe and healthy formulas for smooth and healthy looking skin. This skincare range was founded by Dr. Douglas Altchek a dermatologist from New York who has over 30 years experience in treating the visible signs of aging. You can read more about Dr. Altchek over on his website or check out Altchek’s Facebook page here.


Dr. Altchek’s best-selling skincare products

  1. Daily Exfoliator Cleanser
  2. Doctor’s Skin Remedy
  3. Eye Repair Cream
  4. Anti-Aging Starter Kit
  5. Anti-Aging Hydrogel Mask


Who benefits from anti-aging skincare products

Anti-aging skincare products are not just for those who already have wrinkles. These products are designed to prevent and prolong the aging process for as long as possible. Women in their 20’s and 30’s enter the pre-aging stage and need to start using anti-aging products in order to protect their skin and to slow down the aging process. Read this blog for more information about when and why you should start using anti-aging products.


This week’s Manager’s Specials

Altchek MD’s Doctor’s Skin Remedy

Altchek MD’s Doctor’s Skin Remedy was €22.45 now ONLY €13.50! This product is a multi-purpose treatment that protects, softens, soothes and calms irritated skin. It is commonly used on dry skin, elbows, heels and chapped lips.

New Mothers Day Dr Altchek Remady


 Altchek MD Glycolic Renewal Pads

Altchek MD Glycolic Renewal Pads was originally €23.99 and for our Manager’s Special is now ONLY €15.00! This product contains 36 treatment pads that micro-exfoliate and smooth fine lines while improving skin tone and radiance. The Glycolic Pads are an important first step in preparing the skin for Brightening Serum and Night Treatment.

 new Mothers Day Dr Altchek Glycolic Pads

Altchek MD Eye Gel Pads

Altchek Eye Gel Pads were €24.00 and are now ONLY €14.50! The Eye Gel Pads help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and puffiness under the eyes, while hydrating this area of sensitive and fragile skin.

New Mothers Day Dr Altchek Eye Gel Pads


Altchek MD Eye Repair Cream

Altchek’s Eye Repair Cream was €28.29 and this week is ONLY €16.70! This repair cream provides super hydration, skin strengthening vitamins, and antioxidant protection to reduce dark circles, wrinkles and fine lines underneath the eyes.

 New Mothers Day Dr Altchek Eye Ceam

Altchek MD Daily Exfoliating Cleanser

Altchek’s Daily Exfoliating Cleanser, was €28.29 and is on offer this week for €16.70! This cleanser is a gentle micro-polish that works to clean and smooth skin.  Dr Altchek advises to use this exfoliator every morning and evening for more radiant skin.

New Mothers Day Dr Altchek Exfoliator


Altchek MD Daily Moisturizer SPF 30

Altchek’s Daily Moisturizer was €35.67 is now ONLY €21.00! This moisturizer improves the texture, moisture and firmness of the skin. This product also  contains SPF 30 which is essential to protect the skin against UBV and UVA rays.

New Mothers Day Dr Altchek Daily Moist


Altchek MD Brightening Serum

Altchek’s Brightening Serum was €32.60 now only €19.50! The Brightening Serum helps increase radiance while improving uneven skin tone. This serum also contains antioxidants to help the skin resist environmental damage.

New Mothers Day Dr Altchek Brightening Serum

This week we are offering amazing savings and value on our Altchek range. This is the perfect gift for your mum this Mother’s Day. Mix and match between all our great deals or choose our Mother’s Day Special.

Mother’s Day Special

This week we have an exclusive Mother’s Day Special on our Orofluido Hair Spray and Original Hair Elixir. We are offering the two products at a special price of 2 for €12!

New Mothers Day Orofluido


Don’t miss out on our perfect Mother’s Day Manager’s Specials which are available for this week only! Call into any of our stores to get your perfect gift or order through the phone (091773011).