Expert Q&A: Get to know Peau D’or Tanning Accelerators

Peau D'or tanning accelerators

Expert Q&A: Get to know Peau D’or Tanning Accelerators

We have asked Peau D’Or experts how to achieve and maintain a bronzed summer tan with Peau d’Or® tanning accelerators. Peau D’or ‘Essence’ and ‘Tahnee’ ranges are available at The Hair & Beauty Company and on our website. Peau D’or products are designed to be used with a sunbed.

peau dor tanning accelerators

Get to know Peau D’or tanning cosmetics & skincare products

Here are some common questions answered by the Peau D’or professionals

1.       What are the main differences between the Peau D’or products?

“The main difference is the number of active ingredients and the amount of active ingredients in the products. A general rule of thumb, the more carats and the higher priced a product is, the more active ingredients there are in there.”

2.       Are Peau D’or products good for my skin and why?

“YES, because they hydrate and nurture the skin whilst tanning, thus lowering the stress on the skin while boosting the effect of the sunlight (i.e. making optimal use of UV light converting it into a dark brow skin).”

3.       What are the smash gold bronzers?

“Smash gold bronzers are DHA, self tanning, we use low amounts and in combination with UV light creating a beautiful golden brown tan.”

4.       What does the gold carat (included in the Essence line) actually do to my skin?

“The carats are used to indicate the power of the lotion. Real gold is only found in a few products as a exclusive ingredient! Gold has a anti inflammatory effect on the skin, thus reducing the stress when receiving UV Light.”

5.       How long do I need to use these product before I see a result?

“The results will start to show optical as well as physical after one tanning session!”

6.       How many times a week should I be using these product to build and then maintain my tan?

“We do not advise in regards to how much one should be tanning! Moderation is always key. However for your Reference, during the summer i used these products in the sun daily.”

7.       Do Peau D’or products work in direct sunlight? Can I use these products on my holidays?

“Yes you can, however they do not offer protection! It requires that one knows what they are doing (i.e not being on a beach all day long etc, common sense).”

8.       Do any Peau D’or products contain a slimming agent that also work to reduce cellulite?

“Peau D’or Essence does not! Tahnee ‘Black Curves’ does.”

9.       I am a very fair skin type that always burns and can’t tan. Is there a Peau D’or product for me?

“I would suggest a product with a mild bronzer; Such as ‘Bronze Extreme’ and if need be a SPF30 / 50.”

10.   I am a fair skin type that usually burns but sometimes tans: What is the best product for me to build a tan?

“I would suggest products with a medium bronzer: such as ‘Super Nova’, ‘Infinite Black’ and a SPF 15 / 30.” or

11.   I am a medium skin tone that  sometimes burns but usually tans: What is the best product for me?

“I would suggest products with a high amount of bronzer; such as ‘Black Bronze’ and a SPF 6 or SPF 15.”


Ingredients Chart

Peau D'or Tahnee ingredients chart2 584x800 tanning accelerators


Tahnee Ingredients Chart

Peau D'or Tahnee chart 800x588 tanning accelerators

Peau D’or Ingredients Chart

Peau D'or tanning accelerators

Along with the tanning accelorators, Peau D’or offer a Tahnee Extandit designed to smooth, moisturize and extend your summer tan.

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