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Are you using too much purple/silver shampoo? – The Hair & Beauty Company

purple/silver shampoo

If you’re a blonde or have highlights then you will know of the life saver that is purple/silver shampoo. This product contains a cleansing formula which will remove colour build up turning hair from a shade of mellow yellow to a luscious blonde. Did you know that overuse of purple/silver shampoo is a thing and can actually affect your blonde hair by adding hints of purple and grey to it? Purple/silver shampoo is used to remove unwanted yellow or brassy tones in order to achieve the perfect real blonde locks. This product is generally supposed to be used in moderation which some of you may forget!

milk shake silver shine range, has two main functions:

1.It neutralises yellow or brassy tones and enhances the natural tones of light, blonde or grey hair.

2. It softens hair making it shiny and more manageable.


Who is milk_shake?

For those who have not heard of this brand, milk_shake is a professional salon hair care brand that is inspired by nature, completely natural and animal-friendly. milk_shake supply a range of top quality shampoo, conditioner,  hair styling and intensive hair treatment products to enhance the natural beauty of your hair. milk_shake products are made with milk proteins which basically is protein rich food for your hair. Their range is suitable for all hair types including coloured hair and hair extensions.


milk_shake silver shine shampoo

purple/silver shampoo

This silver shampoo combines the restructuring benefits of milk protein, vitamin-rich blueberries and violet pigment to counteract yellow tones in blonde/grey hair. This top selling product is the key to healthy blonde shiny hair and is also 100% SLS. milk_shake silver shine shampoo can be used in conjunction with milk_shake silver shine whipped cream conditioner for extra effect. Remember not to leave it in your hair for long and use in moderation!


Here is a before and after using milk_shake silver shine products correctly.

purple/silver shampoo


So remember to use this product occasionally and not every day to avoid any purple or grey tones! You can read more about some of the milk_shake products we sell on our previous post here. If you have any other questions feel free to contact us on 091773011.