The Manicure Company Glazed & Glossy Collection

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6 brand-new shades each contain a unique duo-chrome, colour-shifting pigment in a semi-sheer base for that trendy chic ‘Glazed’ nail look.

Glazed & Glossy Shades:

  • Juicy Tube – A peachy pink base with a purple/pink duo-chrome shift
  • Platform Princess – A cool ice blue with a blue chrome shimmer
  • Mood Ring – A pastel sheet green with a white/pink duo-chrome shift
  • Pixy Stix – A pastel pink with a blue/pink duo-chrome shift
  • Jelly Love – A lilac purple with a vibrant lilac chrome shimmer
  • Mirrorball – A clear base full of laser fine holographic pigments for the ultimate colour shift
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