How VAT Free Sales Work

Information valid as of 01/09/2017

During our VAT free sales, the total amount you will have to pay is equal to the pre-VAT total of your basket. You will still see VAT added to your basket and you’ll still be charged ‘VAT’ at the basket (This is unavoidable as it’s the law!), however this VAT has been created from the pre-VAT total of your basket and the total amount you pay for your order at the end will equal to the pre-VAT total of the items (Not including the regular VAT)

For example, if a product costs €35 +VAT the total you see and pay in your basket is €43.05. When we have a VAT Free Sale, we discount the value of VAT from the item (€43.05-VAT discount = New cost of item is €35) €35-VAT=€28.46 is the new pre-VAT cost of item. The total you pay is still €35 (original price of item before VAT), but the €35 is calculated as €28.46 + newly created VAT = €35 to meet the law.

Below is an example of how the offer works. This screenshot shows how the basket would look without any promotion.

No discount cart

The below screenshot shows the products in the basket with the VAT free discount applied. You can see the price including VAT, a coupon for the VAT amount discount and the total. The total will be the product price without VAT but the ‘New VAT’ amount will be included and visible as required by LAW

Vat free discount explanation

VAT Free discount does not apply to the delivery charge and will not be applied to products already subject to a price reduction or discount. Training courses, Salon furniture/equipment, Clearance, GHD, Special Offers, Gifts sets, Babyliss Perfect Curls, Loreal Steampod, Luna by Lisa brand, Gummy styling waxes, any kind of sale items or promotional items are excluded from the offer. VAT Free sale does not work in conjunction with any other offer in-store or on our website. VAT Free furniture sale is a separate deal but follows the same rules.

VAT free promotion is available online and in stores. For full terms and conditions or to find out more simply contact us.