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Heated Rollers

The Hair & Beauty Company supplies high quality Heated Rollers made by a variety of reputable brands including:

BaByliss and also Diva.

Heated Rollers

Diva Big Hot Rollers

If you want to create big hair quickly and also easily then this set is the product for you.

Each roller has a thermal honey comb structure so they stay hot for longer periods of time, and also the built-in ionic technology and smooth grip will result in super–shiny and smooth beautiful hair.

9 colour-coded rollers: 2 XXL (50mm/2”) 7 XL (38mm/1.5”).
Includes 9 colour-coded pins 4 spares and also 9 butterfly clips.
Thermal Honeycomb structure for heat retention.
Ionic Technology for super shiny curls.
Flocked, smooth grip finish to combat fly-a-ways and increase shine.
Heat stand to be used upright or flat.

BaByliss 30 Piece Ceramic Roller Set

• 30 heated rollers with ceramic for shiny curls, shape and also volume
• Includes 8 jumbo, 8 large, 8 medium and also 6 small rollers
• Easy grip design
• High heat performance also with ultra-fast heat up
• 2 temperature settings: 90?C – 130?C
• 15 super clips and also 30 metal pins with storage pouch