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Care & Styling

The Hair & Beauty Company supplies high quality Care & Styling products made by a variety of reputable brands including:

Avec, FoneX, Lisap, PP Professional Products and Vines Vintage.

Care & Styling

Fonex Matte Look Styling Wax

  • Great Long Lasting Fragrance
  • Create Desired Textures and Styles
  • With added Vitamin-E for a fresh and also natural look

Gummy Moustache Wax 20ml

For all our Gummy beard product users, next up is Gummy bump repair.

All over application is recommended, spray onto hands and also apply covering the bearded area.
For specific problem areas, ingrown hairs, spray onto the finger and also gentle dab directly onto the effected area. This may cause a stinging sensation if this does not stop after a couple of minutes rinse off and also discontinue further use.


Mens Body Care

Gummy Facial Clay Mask


Mens Body Care

Gummy Face Scrub