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Manager’s Special Lisap Fashion: Galway Races Must-Haves

race week managers special

It’s that time of the year again, The Galway Races are fast approaching. We want you to be looking your absolute best for the week so here are some of our Galway Races Must-Haves! Lisap Fashion Range To honour the week of racing, we are running a Manager’s Special on the entire Lisap Fashion hair […]

Have a Good Hair Day Everyday with GHD Wanderlust Collecton!

GHD Wanderlust limited edition

Supporting Good Hair Day’s everyday with the new GHD Wanderlust limited edition collection. Whether you want to achieve waves, curls, flicks or poker straight hair, the New GHD Wanderlust collection will enable you to create stylish and effortless looks. We have three new GHD products and we know you’re going to love them. GHD V […]

Get Rid of Head Lice with Lisap Med – The Hair & Beauty Company

Lisapmed Duo Pack solution forlices

Everyone loves the summer months especially head lice! When the weather gets a little bit warmer they come out to play. Here we have compiled all you need to know, but probably don’t want to know, about head lice. It’s an important and topical subject during these months as there is a known increase of […]

Do you find it difficult to sleep? Do you get stressed? We have the solution!

stressed Mindful beauty aromatherapy

Do you suffer with a sleeping disorder finding it difficult to get to sleep? Do you get stressed easily over work/exams? Look no further, we have the solution for you! Sleep disorder?/ stress? There are 100’s of different sleeping disorders that many of us suffer from. This makes it difficult for us to sleep at […]

No more tangles with Wet Brush – The Hair & Beauty Company

Wet brush selection

Do you have hair that is constantly in a knot and tangle? Do you wash your hair knowing you will spend the next 15 minutes pulling, tugging and tearing at it to remove the tangles? Well then you obviously haven’t tried Wet Brush! How is Wet Brush different to any ordinary hair brush? Wet Brush […]

Mindful Beauty Discover Your Beautiful Mind – The Hair & Beauty Company

Mindful Beauty Aromatherapy

Mindful Beauty: ‘Discover your beautiful mind’. What is Mindful Beauty? Mindful Beauty is a product range by Learning to Exhale, a social enterprise that aims to instruct as many people as possible in Ireland, Europe and internationally in the practice, art and spiritual intelligence (SQ) of Mindfulness Meditation. The Mindful Beauty range consists of high […]

The Manicure Company has arrived – The Hair & Beauty Company

manicure company

The Manicure Company has arrived! We are now fully stocked with The Manicure Company who provide top quality professional nail and manicure products with their builder gel products, nail liquids, and nail accessories all manufactured to the highest standards in the EU. The Manicure Company’s products have been trialed, tested and very much approved by […]

Summer Body with Ultra Drops – The Hair & Beauty Company

ultra drops

Ultra Diet Drops. Are you trying to get your body in shape for the summer? We all know the struggle of keeping to a healthy diet and exercise regime. It’s never too late to start and Ultra Drops may just be the thing you are looking for to drop those pounds. Ultra Drops can give […]

Crack Mini Travel Pack – The Hair & Beauty Company


Summer is here and so is our Crack mini travel packs! We are loving the fabulous weather outside at the moment so let’s hope it’s here to stay. Here in Ireland, we aren’t that used to the sun as we don’t often get to see it beaming, so we should be smart enough to protect […]

Are you using too much purple/silver shampoo? – The Hair & Beauty Company

purple/silver shampoo

If you’re a blonde or have highlights then you will know of the life saver that is purple/silver shampoo. This product contains a cleansing formula which will remove colour build up turning hair from a shade of mellow yellow to a luscious blonde. Did you know that overuse of purple/silver shampoo is a thing and […]