ZERO gel polish® by The Manicure Company FAQs

zero gel polish

What makes ZERO gel polish® different to other hema-free gel polishes?

Zero gel polish® is not just HEMA-FREE.

Most HEMA-FREE gel polish formulations will use other ingredients in their place such as HPMA (Hydroxypropyl methacrylate) and/or Di-HEMA (Di-HEMA TRIMETHYLHEXYL DICARBAMATE) along with TPO and IBOA.

These common ingredients in HEMA-FREE gel polishes can also cause reactions in people who have developed a sensitivity to HEMA (hydroxyethyl methacrylate).

The new range contains none of these ingredients making the formula the perfect option for nail technicians and clients with allergies or who are concerned about developing an allergy to these ingredients.

My client is allergic to gel nail products. Can we use ZERO gel polish®?

Zero gel polish® has been formulated specifically with this in mind.

If you or your client know the ingredients you are allergic to such as HEMA, Di-HEMAHPMATPO or IBOA then Zero gel polish® is suitable. Amazing!

If you or your client are unsure of what has or is causing the allergy then we would recommend a test of one nail prior to a full set.

Ensure any existing reaction is fully resolved and healed before trialling the system so you can be sure of the results.

How long will ZERO gel polish® last on natural nails?

The formula with correct application will last 14+ days on natural nails and much longer if applied over a builder gel or acrylic enhancement. For best results the system should be used in it’s entirety as instructed. 

Do I need a new lamp for the range?

NO 🙂

The system has been created to work in harmony with the manicure company’s existing nail lamps.

So you have no additional costs to start using or trialling this incredible new range.

How do I apply the Zero gel polish® range?

Follow the below step by step to ensure your Zero gel polish® manicure is completed correctly

1. Prepare the natural nail as normal. Push back the cuticle and shape the nail. Lightly buff the nail surface to remove shine. We recommend our Foam File. Remove all dust and cleanse the nail with a lint-free pad and Pro Prep & Wipe solution.

2. We recommend that the natural nails are always primed with the ZERO gel polish® PrimerTHIS STEP IS ESSENTIAL

3. Apply a thin even layer of the ZERO gel polish Base Coat to each nail. Ensure the free edge of the nail is capped. Cure this layer for 60 seconds in the DUAL PRO UVLED nail lamp.

4. Apply a thin even layer of your chosen ZERO gel polish® Colour Coat to each nail. Ensure the free edge of the nail is capped. Cure this layer for 60 seconds in the DUAL PRO UVLED nail lamp. Repeat once more if further coverage is required.

NOTE: ZERO gel polish® colours are highly pigmented with a rich texture. This offers beautiful coverage and smooth application. However, layers of each colour coat should always be kept thin to ensure a full cure.

5. Apply a layer of ZERO gel polish® Top Coat. Ensure the free edge of the nail is capped. Cure this layer for 60 seconds in the DUAL PRO UVLED nail lamp. Once cured remove and cleanse with Pro Prep & Wipe solution and a cotton pad to remove the inhibition layer (tacky layer).

PRO TIP: For the glossiest results wait 20 seconds after your top coat has cured before cleansing.

6. Finish your treatment with a drop of Bio Cuticle Oil applied to each nail massaging the oil into the cuticle and surrounding skin to moisturise. Advise your clients to use Bio Cuticle Oil daily to prolong their Zero gel polish® manicure.

Does ZERO gel polish® work with other TMC products?


Zero gel polish® can be applied over our Ultra Builder hard gels (gels in pots) or Pro Powder & Liquid acrylic system for a completely HEMA-FREE enhancement.

Zero gel polish® also works with the Builder Base builder gel in a bottle, Pro-Press gel tip systems and No Wipe Top Coat.  However, you should note these products are currently not HEMA-FREE.

Does this mean the original TMC gel polish range is being discontinued?


The original TMC gel polish range is an exceptional system that as is adored by countless professionals for many years throughout Europe and is a 100% safe system that will continue to be available without any changes.

Zero gel polish® is a continuation of our commitment to bringing the most advanced and high-quality formulas to customers at industry leading price points. The Zero gel polish® range will sit alongside the existing gel polish range to offer customers further choice for their individual business and client needs.

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