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Elevate Your Vegan Beauty Routine with YOKABA: A Symphony of Conscious Care

Elevate your Beauty Routine with YOKABA

Elevate Your Vegan Beauty Routine with YOKABA: A Symphony of Conscious Care As you continue Veganuary, immerse yourself in the world of YOKABA, a leading Polish brand committed to vegan, cruelty-free, and environmentally conscious beauty. Discover the pinnacle of conscious skincare with YOKABA’s professional cosmetics, meticulously crafted for vegan body, nail, hand, and foot care. […]

ZERO gel polish® by The Manicure Company FAQs

zero gel polish

What makes ZERO gel polish® different to other hema-free gel polishes? Zero gel polish® is not just HEMA-FREE. Most HEMA-FREE gel polish formulations will use other ingredients in their place such as HPMA (Hydroxypropyl methacrylate) and/or Di-HEMA (Di-HEMA TRIMETHYLHEXYL DICARBAMATE) along with TPO and IBOA. These common ingredients in HEMA-FREE gel polishes can also cause reactions in people who have developed a sensitivity to […]

What Is Lisaplex Bond Saver?

Lisaplex Blog Cover

Lisaplex™ Bond Saver is the revolutionary line of treatments developed by innovative Italian research. The Vegetal Protein Complex it contains has a protective, reparative, and renewing action that protects the internal and external hair structure. Lisaplex™ is the indispensable technology for all types of technical treatments, and a valuable system that guarantees cosmetic restructuring during […]

HIVE® believes everyone deserves a VIP waxing experience

Hive Wax with confidence

Waxing innovators HIVE® of Beauty have been at the forefront of the waxing industry since the brand’s inception. With over 25 years of serving the beauty industry, the HIVE® logo has become a symbol of confidence and quality for beauty professionals, enabling them to “wax with confidence”. The beauty industry is well versed in changing […]

Why Vegan Beauty Is Not Just a Trend


Why Vegan beauty is here to stay & how to easily introduce it to your salon. We wanted to do this post to share some juicy facts about the importance of Vegan & Cruelty-Free beauty. We are also introducing you to our Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free product edit. Our aim is to make it super easy […]