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Barber Furniture

The Hair & Beauty Company supplies high quality Barber products made by a variety of reputable brands.

Barber Furniture

The Chairs, sofas and also the tables you decorate your salon, hairdressers or barbers with massively impacts the atmosphere of your business and the way your customer sees you as a professional.

When it comes to making a good impression on your client few things are as vital as that first impression they get when they walk in your door, make sure they like what they see, otherwise they may leave before you ever get to touch a hair on their head.

Aside from the obvious benefits of a more pleasant atmosphere and a presentable establishment, your cutting chair/barbers chair is the place your client is likely to spend the most amount of time in your business, making sure that they’re sitting in a comfortable chair for that time is a wise investment, as an uncomfortable customer is less likely to become a regular or even a repeat customer.


Barber Furniture

Ayala Lea Styling Chair


Barber Furniture

Ayala Partner Wash Unit


Barber Furniture

Ayala Lea Wash Unit


Barber Furniture

REM Emperor Barbers Chair