Why Vegan Beauty Is Not Just a Trend


Why Vegan beauty is here to stay & how to easily introduce it to your salon.

We wanted to do this post to share some juicy facts about the importance of Vegan & Cruelty-Free beauty. We are also introducing you to our Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free product edit. Our aim is to make it super easy for you to introduce some of these gorgeous products into your salon. And also how simple it is to introduce a new but important aspect to your business with little minimal effort.

Finally, we’re going to explain why Veganism (especially in the beauty industry) is not just a passing trend but a new lifestyle for many.

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What Is Vegan Beauty?

Above all, Vegan beauty means products that don’t contain animal-derived ingredients like Squaline/Tallow (animal fat), gelatine (animal hooves & bones) & Keratin (animal horns). These ingredients are often acquired at the expense of animal welfare. And why many customers are opting for Vegan-friendly products.

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5 Benefits – Introducing Vegan Services To Your Salon

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  1. Vegan beauty is now in major public demand & popularity is continuing to rise- It’s not just a trend but a permanent shift in lifestyle for many.
  2. It’s a simple & cost-effective way of offering a ‘new service’ to your clients- with no additional training or costly-changes.
  3. Globally, there has been a 175% increase in vegan cosmetics launches over the past five years.A reflection of the demand for Vegan Beauty
  4. As more people become educated about the ethics and origins of the products they use, the more often individuals choose to use products without animal derivatives.
  5.  By advertising yourself as a vegan-friendly hairdresser you’re not only opening yourself up to more clients; you’re getting your foot in the door of a market for which the only way is up.


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What’s the difference between Vegan-Friendly & Cruelty-Free

While Vegan Beauty means the product is completely free of animal ingredients.Cruelty-free’ means that the product has not been tested on animals. This is particularly true if the product displays the ‘Leaping Bunny Logo’ or the ‘Beauty Without Bunnies Logo’ from Peta. These logo’s mean that neither the ingredients nor the final product has been tested on animals. Finally, From 11 March 2013, the EU placed a ban on animal testing & the sale of products tested on animals.

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Vegan Brands Spotlight

With this in mind, we stock a wide range of Vegan-friendly brands from hair to beauty products. Below we have highlighted some of our favourites. This way you can get an idea of how easy it is to introduce this ‘new service’ to your salon and your clients.

Vegan Product Spotlight
Voesh New York – 4-Step Pedi In A Box
Hive Of Beauty Waxing Range – Brow Waxing Kit, Superberry Kit
He-Shi Tanning Range – Rapid 1-Hour Tan, Body Sculpting Tan
The Manicure Company Range


Introducing Our Vegan Product Shop

Kaeso Range – Kaeso Calming Facial Kit

In honour of Veganuary. But also to help meet the rising demand for more ethically produced products in Salons & spas- we are introducing a Vegan-friendly & cruelty-free section to our website. This is to help salon owners easily introduce a Vegan-friendly aspect to their business quickly & simply.


Browse Our Vegan Shop HERE:

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Click This Image To Shop Vegan Beauty


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While we are a huge fan of Vegan Beauty, it’s not the only way to introduce an ethical service to your salon. Below is a list of products that are not Vegan-friendly but are completely Cruelty-Free. This is another major consideration for many beauty customers now. It’s also a great step towards creating an ethically-conscious service for your clients.


Cruelty-Free Hair

Cruelty-Free Beauty

Browse Our Cruelty-Free Shop HERE

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