Milk_Shake The Gloss

the gloss colour


Milk_shake has just released a new product that your clients are going to love. THE GLOSS is ammonia-free, comes in a large variety of colors, and adds incredible shine back into the hair. There are three products to the range:

  • The Gloss Activator
  • The Gloss N

The Details:

The Gloss is a demi-permanent acidic ph color treatment for hair. The range has a wide variety of completely customizable colors, a neutral, and an activator.

It is important to note, however, that this is not just a coloring product but a full nourishing and conditioning treatment.

The Gloss Natural

the gloss acidic pH demi colouring treatment neutral

The Neutral product can be used on its own as a treatment to add shine to your client’s hair or mixed in with a color to dilute it down.

The Gloss 

the gloss acidic pH demi colouring treatment

The acidic pH of the milk_shake® the gloss color formula colors, tones and corrects hair color whilst maintaining the hair’s structure. Its action has a conditioning effect on the hair, leaving it extremely shiny. Milk_shake the gloss acidic pH demi coloring treatment blends greys maximum 50%.

  • colors, tones, and corrects hair color
  • maintaining the hair’s structure
  • ammonia-free
  • Comes in 29 shades.
  • shade bottle size 60ml
  • neutral bottle size 250ml



The Gloss Activator

milk shake the gloss acidic colour activator 6 Vol

Milk_shake the gloss acidic color activator 6 Vol is formulated to act in synergy with milk_shake® the gloss colour ammonia-free acidic pH demi colouring treatment for hair. The protective action of prickly pear extract protects the hair, making it more resistant to external aggressors and maintaining its integrity for longer, for intense, glossy color.

This new range is now available on our online store which you can view here