How to easily upgrade your salon

upgrade your salon

Your salon is where you welcome your clients and we know that first impressions matter! You want to look professional and work in a comfortable environment, considering the amount of time you spend there.

If you recently thought that there is a need for a few changes, keep reading for tips and how The Hair and Beauty Company can help you. We thought of some offers just for you, keep reading to find out!

Are you offering your clients what they want?

The beauty world is always changing, don’t miss the opportunity to learn about the new upcoming products – you might find your new pick!

Bring in new products and show your clients that you keep up with the news in the beauty industry and that they will always find the perfect products from you, even when they are brand new. You don’t have to say goodbye to your favourite product, but give your clients more choices. You can also use the products to liven up your workspace, applying your creativity to arrange beautiful ways to showcase the products. They might give an idea to a client who wants to try something new.

Is there a treatment you can use to upgrade your services? See the trade offers of this month in our mailer!

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Remodel your salon – but don’t be alarmed!

Don’t wait until your salon looks dated to your clients. Once you reach this point the improvements might become too extensive and expensive.

While salon equipment is built to last, there is a time when you need to say goodbye to it. Take an inventory of your equipment and furniture and keep track of the ones that need an upgrade soon. Remodelling your salon can be an expensive and difficult task, especially without being prepared. Examine what you have, maybe you just need to move the furniture around to change the feel of the room, paint the walls or just change the few key items to give the space a fresh look.

The beauty industry is always finding new ways to get the most comfortable salon both for you and your clients, which is why we created the furniture brochure to give you an overview of the possibilities available.

Whether you are:

– we got you! A few key elements sometimes make all the difference.

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Put your work on the spotlight

Social media is now everywhere and if you can’t remodel your salon think about having an area where clients (and you!) can take a nice picture of your work. This might simply be with a bright light and tidy background if you can’t remodel the whole area.

Pro tip: invite your clients to tag you or use your hashtag. Let your work speak for itself! Having a nice place to take those pictures will help to show off your work and give possible new clients proof of your abilities. Of course, without a good light taking good photos might be difficult and time-consuming – and we can’t always hope for nice weather outside (Irish weather, anyone?). Your work and your client’s new style deserve better.

Plus it’s always a good idea to have a professional-looking portfolio of your best work, don’t be caught unprepared.

Check out our equipment and furniture: whether you decide to upgrade all your chairs or create your Photo-Area, we have exactly what you need.

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Improve yourself

Sometimes you can upgrade your work simply by deciding to pick up a new skill: it’s an investment for both you and your salon. The beauty world has always new exciting techniques to learn, remember to keep up with it! You can increase the services offered in your salon or get an upgrade to your current skills.

Choose courses that allow you to get an official certificate, they are important for your qualifications. See our Academy with courses for every need. You can subscribe to our dedicated newsletter to be updated on our special training: a monthly calendar and demos organized with multiple brands. [Click here to subscribe to our Training Newsletter]

beauty coursesImprove your skills with our training – we are in 3 different locations!

Over to you! Plus a special offer

And if you already have in mind the piece of furniture that you want, we currently have a special offer on our mailer. Just for September enjoy two pages full of VAT FREE furniture!

Remember what we said about changing part of your furniture or equipment? Don’t miss this offer, discounts up to 346€!

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