HIVE® believes everyone deserves a VIP waxing experience

Hive Wax with confidence

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Waxing innovators HIVE® of Beauty have been at the forefront of the waxing industry since the brand’s inception. With over 25 years of serving the beauty industry, the HIVE® logo has become a symbol of confidence and quality for beauty professionals, enabling them to “wax with confidence”. The beauty industry is well versed in changing trends, treatments and styles. However, in recent years there has been a change that the industry has not previously seen before and one which has been pushed to the forefront by issue conscious clients rightly concerned about animal rights, parabens and vegan suitability.

As a core value of the company is meeting client’s needs HIVE® have ensured that their hugely popular core range of 425g strip waxes are vegan friendly. Containing high quality warm, crème and gelee waxes are formulated with the purest of ingredients to deliver optimum efficiency and gentle application. Providing
therapists with options for every treatment, skin or hair type, and client preference. Ensuring beauty therapists can wax with confidence and conscious!

The HIVE® Wax 425g range is Vegan Friendly

HIVE® believes everyone deserves a VIP waxing experience
The beauty industry has never been more
competitive, as such salon owners need to work
hard to maintain an edge on their competitors.
Ensuring you can meet the demands and needs
of every single client that walks through your
door will play a major role in the continued
growth of your business. All it takes is some
attention, skill and the right choice of products!
To help salons achieve this the 24K Collection
presents its very first vegan friendly and allergen
free wax, HIVE® Platinum Pearl. because we
believe everyone deserves a VIP waxing
HIVE Platinum Pearl Allergen Free Wax

The 24K Collection was conceptualised on the principle of having a high-quality foundation with the addition of a bespoke selection of active ingredients. Providing each product within the range with premium levels of function and performance. Staying true to these principles but for the first time, removing Pure Beeswax from the formulation has enabled the development of a new allergen free wax that is suitable for vegans.
HIVE® Platinum Pearl Allergen Free Wax benefits from the inclusion of Jasmin Flower Extract, renowned for its antioxidant and moisturising properties. Ideal for clients with sensitive skin, the Rosin-free formula also provides effective results on all hair types. With a smooth and easy application the high performance gelee wax is excellent on larger treatment areas. A gentle removal action provides enhanced levels of client comfort. Whilst the refreshing fragrance further elevates the waxing treatment and promotes a sense of calm.
HIVE® Platinum Pearl provides a premium aesthetic to match its superb performance and smooth results. Ensuring you can produce results that look and feel like a million dollars for EVERY client !

The HIVE Wax range is available online and in our stores in Galway Ballybane/ Galway Eyre Square /Athlone/ Castlebar


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