Gorgeous Grey Hair!

Georgeous Grey Hair

Earlier this year, during both London and Paris fashion shows Grey hair was the emerging trend getting ready to take the the industry by storm.

More people are both embracing their greys and also fully seeking a grey hue to their colour. A lot of this is suspected to people growing accustomed to their greys during the Covid lockdowns. The trend has shown no signs of slowing down since.

silver celeb

There are so many options for getting creative with grey tones and one of the most popular reasons for this is the lack of damage that occurs to the hair. Various products and formulas can help you achieve the perfect hue!

Some of our favourite products for a stunning graphite grey is the Wella True Grey Toners.

wella professionals true grey cream toners


Wella Professional True Grey Cream Toners are 7 tonners for all grey needs, with three different intensities of light, medium and dark, to help control dimension and shadow. Tones that not only revitalize naturally grey hair but enhance eye color and skin tones.

Suitable for different percentages of grey hair, from 50 to 100% grey.

Designed without ammonia, MEA, animal derived ingredients and perfume.

Dermatologically tested.

Oxidative grey pigments.

Grey hairstyles not only add shine to the hair but can help thin hair look thicker due to the silver strands adding more dimension,

However if all grey is not for you, you can add grey tones in by using a stunning silver ash grey balayage.

Ombre and balayage styles are grey for adding in a low maintenance style to your locks!