Yokaba Burst – why is it worth introducing in your beauty salon?

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Yokaba Burst – why is it worth introducing in your beauty salon?

Read the interview with Katarzyna Stułka – chief technologist at Yokaba about our new product BURST.

Yokaba burst interview

Burst from Yokaba is a professional gel intended for beauty salons. What makes this product stand out from others?

Burst is a unique product. We have created a recipe in which we maximized the properties of the raw materials used. It is a full-value formula based on a short composition, selected to serve its purpose best. What is worth emphasizing is the fact that Yokaba Burst, unlike many products currently on the market, is based only on bases that hydrolyze amide bonds in keratin. This makes it very easy to remove dead skin from places where it is calloused.

Why should a professional decide to introduce a pedicure treatment with the Burst Yokaba product in her office?

Specialists who deal with foot skin care on a daily basis will appreciate the many advantages of Yokaba Burst. Starting with the comfort of work: the treatment is easy and quick to perform. From satisfactory application effects to economic issues. Thanks to its gel consistency, the product is efficient and can be applied precisely to the skin area requiring intervention. Additionally, it is at a very affordable price.

How to apply Burst correctly? Why should you take special precautions?

The active ingredients of our product are alkalis, i.e. substances approved for use in cosmetics in precisely defined concentrations. By following these guidelines, we managed to obtain a highly alkaline pH of the product, making it very effective. Due to the so-called, its power requires proper application to the skin and precautions. If used incorrectly, it may be dangerous and cause, for example, skin burns. When creating the Yokaba Burst recipe, we assumed from the beginning that it would be a product intended for professionals in their industry.

You should work with our product with gloves and apply it only to the areas from which you want to remove dead skin. The duration of the treatment is from 3 to 10 minutes depending on the degree of callus. After removing the preparation from the skin surface, the epidermis in the place of use is loosened and very easy to remove.

Burst use on Toe

Burst use on heel

The skin of the feet and heels is very demanding. How many treatments should be performed with Burst to achieve the desired effect?

In the case of our product, the effect is immediate. After the treatment, the skin of the heels, because our preparation is most often used in this area, will be smooth and pleasant to the touch.

How often should the treatment be repeated to maintain the effects?

We do not set time frames between subsequent treatments. It should be repeated when necessary, i.e. when the skin of the heels or feet begins to look unsightly. The periodicity of the treatment also depends on the daily care of the foot skin. If we want the effect obtained after the treatment to last as long as possible, we should moisturize and oil the skin, e.g. using creams from our Podotherapy line.

Why did Yokaba decide to create the Burst product?

For some time now, we have been intensively developing our podiatry line, introducing new, interesting products. I couldn’t imagine it without Burst. The skin of the feet, especially the heels, is very demanding and constitutes an interesting challenge for me as a technologist. We believe that clients will love Burst, both because of the effects and the pleasure of working with the preparation. When creating a recipe, I take many factors into account.

What was the most challenging thing for you as a technologist when creating the Burst Yokaba gel recipe?

Each stage was very demanding. The very idea of ​​the project is a bit of a nut to crack. Creating a stable gel that will not lose its viscosity over time at a highly alkaline pH is not an easy task. We wanted to obtain the highest possible pH, but at the same time, we could not exceed strictly defined concentrations of the active ingredients used. We tested, analyzed and here it is! BURST – strong raw materials that are safe for the consumer. Gel for special tasks intended for professionals.

Katarzyna Stułka – chief technologist at Yokaba. She has almost 20 years of professional experience in creating product recipes. At Yokaba, she ensures the selection of the best cosmetic raw materials. Privately, she loves relaxing in nature with a book in her hand.

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