Vitamin C Serum: 5 Reasons To Buy Paese

Paese Vitamin C Serum

5 Reasons To Buy Vitamin C Serum

Paese Serum Vitamin C 10% is a conditioning oil serum with an innovative, stable form of Vitamin C, friendly pH, and a combination of natural, high-quality oils that provide unique care effects and make your skin look healthy and beautiful.

1. Stops Time

Cosmetic brands tend not to speak about skin ageing, however, this is something that every woman would like to stop. Paese Vitamin C Serum speeds up collagen metabolism which helps stop and reduce wrinkles.

2. Hides Scars

Whether these are acne scars typical for teenage skin, traces of wounds, or any other skin imperfections, Serum makes the skin smooth, fresh, and even-coloured.

3. Extends Make-up

Meadowfoam seed oil, an absolute best seller in the cosmetics industry, improves how pigments grip the skin so that make-up becomes much more long-lasting.

4 Kills Bacteria

This Vitamin C Serum from PAESE is rich in antioxidants which save the skin from outer factors, fight against bacteria, and reduce inflammation processes.

5. Works beyond the skin

The serum is a real vitamin bomb whose properties will be useful not only for the skin but also for hair and nails. Rub it into the hair ends and nails for a fresh and glowing look of both.

6. Application Tips

For better effect and absorption, serum should be applied on damp skin, preferably on top of a tonic. Serum may be safely used with creams, hyaluronic acid, and other skin care products.

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