Why Style My Hair Pro by L’Oréal?

I want to be blond.

I want my hair to be done in the same color as a celebrity.

I will do my hair pink.

Will it suit me?

How many of us hear it from friends, customers or even thinking about yourselves. And the results….. not what you expected?

“Style My Hair Pro” allows you, as an hairdresser, to make your client instantly try-on different hair colors to see which ones would suit them best. Inspiration & reassurance at your fingertips.

Style My Hair was initially created to help consumers choose a new hair color before booking an appointment in salon. Building on this success, Style My Hair Pro has been developed and is purely dedicated to hairstylists all around the world, digitalizing the color consultation with their clients.

Style My Hair Pro contains 3 main features

  • Moodboards to inspire you and your clients with the latest trends. Sorted out by categories, product launches, trends, artists and events.
  • 3D try on, to test new hair colors in 3D, you can even add effects such as ombré, sombré etc. Apply the split screen to see your hair before and after.
  • Digital swatchbook, to replace the paper swatchbook little by little. All of L’Oreal Professionnel Haircolor portfolio in one place, easy to access. We aim to save 30T of paper in the next two years.

Available in 82 countries for download on the App store, and to the Play store for Android, the Style My Hair app is also offered as an in-salon service. This allows stylists to offer their clients a truly in-depth consultation in order to find, and try out, the perfect color. The result: clients feel confident and beautiful even before their new hair color.

L’Oréal Professionnel International General Manager, Marion Brunet, said “Artificial Intelligence on hair color is a great opportunity for L’Oréal Professionnel since it allows us to go one-step further into personalization. Style My Hair now provides every user with very realistic results, in real-time, and this will transform the diagnosis experience in hair salons.”

Discover the L’Oreal Professionnel Style My Hair Pro App new feature. You’ll be able to identify the metal exposure risk profile of your clients.

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