Best Christmas Gifts for Him – Boyfriend, Husband, Dad

best Christmas gifts for him

Best Christmas Gifts for Him

It’s that time of year once again and another struggle to get the best Christmas gifts for him. To take the stress out of your shopping this year we have gathered together some of our bestselling and extremely affordable male products that we know will catch your eye and your other half’s too!

So here is our men’s gift guide for Christmas 2017.

Uppercut Deluxe

If you’re looking for the best Christmas gifts for him, you really can’t go wrong with Uppercut. This Christmas, Uppercut have designed 5 luxurious gift sets to suit every man.

Uppercut Black Filled Wash Bag

This super quality travel bag contains Deluxe PomadeEveryday Shampoo 50ml, Everyday Conditioner 50ml, Body Wash 50ml, a Flip Comb and a Deluxe Toothbrush. Grooming on the go was never easier.

Uppercut Filled Black Wash Bag

Uppercut Easy Hold Combo Kit

Allow your man to take his style with him wherever he goes with this Easy Hold Combo Kit. Included in the kit Deluxe Easy Hold CreamEveryday Shampoo 240mlEveryday Conditioner 240ml and a Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb.

Uppercut Easy Hold Combo Kit

Uppercut Matt Pomade Combo Kit

A fancy tin packed with all the shower essentials to have your man clean and looking fresh. This kit includes Deluxe Matt PomadeEveryday Shampoo 240mlEveryday Conditioner 240ml and a Deluxe CT5 Tortoise Shell Comb

Uppercut Matt Pomade Combo Kit

Uppercut Shower Kit

This complete shower kit contains Everyday Shampoo 240mlEveryday Conditioner 240ml and Deluxe Body Wash 240ml. All packed in a fancy multi-purpose tin.

Uppercut Shower Kit

Uppercut Easy Hold Kit

Dad’s will love the Easy Hold Kit. Included is Deluxe Easy Hold, a Flip Comb and an Uppercut  Deluxe Mug for an added touch. These products come in a fancy Uppercut tin that he can use to store his biscuits while he’s drinking tea from his new mug!

Uppercut Easy Hold Kit


Gummy is a brand that truly understands it’s customers. This Christmas Gummy have created two gift sets designed to care for your man’s beard and moustache.

Gummy Beard and Mustache Pack

The ultimate gift for guys with beards and moustaches!

Gummy Beard and Mustache Pack is everything a man needs to care and style their beard and mustache. Included in the pack is Beard ShampooBeard Conditioner, Beard Oil and Gummy Mustache Wax.

Gummy beard and mustache kIt

Gummy Complete Shave Pack

Men who like to keep their facial hair in top condition will really appreciate this Gummy Complete Shave Pack. It contains all the essential shaving products for a sharp, clean shave: Pre-Shave Oil, Brushless Shaving Cream, After Shave Cream Cologne and Bump Repair.

Gummy Complete Shave Pack



If he has a beard chances are he’ll need to trim it every now and again. A trimmer is always a stable gift in our opinion. Our top picks this year have to include Wahl 5 Star Series Detailer Trimmer and Wahl Sterling 2 Trimmer.

Wahl 5 Star Series Detailer Trimmer

A stylish and powerful trimmer that is designed for extremely close trimming and can be used on head and facial hair.

Wahl Detailer Trimmer 5 star

Wahl Sterling 2 Trimmer

Handy for men on the go who need a quick shave! This popular cordless trimmer is perfect for everyday use.

Wahl Sterling 2 Trimmer

Last but not least our final gift idea for 2017 is a brand we have taken on recently ‘Dark Stag’.

Dark Stag

This brand has taken the history and social relevance of barbering to create outstanding tools worthy of today’s barber. Coming soon is the Dark Stag Traditional Shaving Set. This set includes the DS1 double edged safety razor, the Dark Stag shaving brush, the Dark Stag stainless steel shaving bowl and a stainless steel stand for impressive and useful storage. A gift like no other for your Husband, Dad, Brother….

dark stag shaving gift for him

Keep an eye out in the Gift section of our website for this shaving set to come into stock. Gifts for him and her are available in our Gift section. We hope you have been inspired and know exactly what to get your loved ones this Christmas.

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