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Have you tried Milk_Shae Direct Colour?

Here’s why you should!

If you are looking for a fabulous new trendy hair colour that has a convenient way of application, then Milk_Shake Direct Colour is for you. With 20 mixable shades to choose from you can now create your unlimited colour combinations. And what’s even better is that these products are 100% Ammonia and peroxide free. Keep reading to learn everything you need to know about using Direct Colour and be inspired by some of our favourite Milk_Shake colour creations below.


Different Ways To Use Milk_Shake Direct Colour

1. Colour Refresh

These colours will allow you to refresh your colour without having to use oxidative colour.

@hwhairdesign milkshake direct colour ps
Hair by @hwhairdesign
2. Toner

Shades SilverPowder, Beige Blonde and Golden Blonde can be used as a toner on pre-lightened/ natural blondes.

Direct Colour @elisesharpex silver
Hair by: @elisesharpex silver
3. Prepigmentation

These colours can be used to recondition and prepigment hair before applying the target shade.

@ilbrand_tradate direct colour
Hair by @@ilbrand_tradate
4. Isolated Colour Placement

Colour doesn’t have to be applied all over. Spice up your look by adding flashes of tones to pre-lightened sections.

@hwhairdesign Direct Colour egg plant ps
Direct Colour ‘Eggplant’ used by @hwhairdesign
5. Shine Treatment

Clear Direct Colour is a pigment less ultra shine treatment for your hair and amazing for those of you who don’t colour your hair.

@living_locks life colour direct
Hair by @@living_locks
6. Colour Cocktail

Create Milk_Shake’s signature cocktail using a martini glass.

  1. Line the inside of the glass with the Milk_Shake colour of your choice.
  2. Fill the glass with Milk_Shake Whipped Cream leave-in conditioning foam & top with a drizzle of your chosen colour.
  3. Stir.
  4. Apply to damp hair and develop.
Direct Colour milkshake cocktail @hairbysuzanna p p
Milk_Shake Cocktail by @hairbysuzanna
7. Customise Coloured Conditioners

If you are prone to colour fading you can create a DIY rinse-out colour conditioner. Take 25 grams of conditioner from the bottle and replace with 25 grams of Milk_Shake Direct Colour. Tighten the lid and shake!

Direct Colour Milkshake @hairbyrosie34


Milk_Shake direct colour is available at The Hair & Beauty Company, Ballybane store.

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