Top Spring Hair Care Tips!

spring hair tips

Revitalise Your Locks: Top Spring Hair Care Tips!

Spring is the season of renewal and rejuvenation and what better way to kick off the season than with a fresh, new hairstyle? With winter coming to an end, it’s time to say goodbye to dry, brittle hair and hello to luscious locks. Here are some tips to get your hair ready for spring:

Trim those ends

Winter weather can be particularly harsh on hair, leaving it dry and prone to split ends. Before you start thinking about a new style, get a trim to remove any dead ends and make your hair look and feel healthier. Not only will this help your hair look better, but it will also promote healthy growth.

Deep Condition

Deep conditioning your hair can work wonders in reviving it after the harsh winter weather. Use a nourishing hair mask to restore moisture and shine to your hair. Apply the mask to damp hair, and leave it on for at least 20 minutes before rinsing it out. Your hair will thank you! Some of our favourite hair masks and conditioner include:

Pro You The Moisturizer Hydrating Mask 500ml
Pro You The Moisturizer Hydrating Mask
Lisaplex Bond Saver Mask 250ml
Lisaplex Bond Saver Mask
schwarzkopf professional blondme blondme all blondes rich mask 200ml
Schwarzkopf BlondMe All Blondes Rich Mask
Milk shake Moisture Plus Conditioner 1000ml
milk_shake Moisture Plus Conditioner
Wella Invigo Colour Brilliance Conditioner Fine
Wella Invigo Color Brilliance Conditioner Fine
L'Oréal Professionnel Serié Expert Pro Absolut Repair Conditioner 750ml new
L’Oreal Absolut Repair Conditioner

Switch up your shampoo

As the weather changes in Spring, so do the needs of your hair. During winter, you may have been using a heavy, moisturizing shampoo to combat dryness. However, now that the weather is warmer, you may want to switch to a lighter formula that won’t weigh your hair down. Some of our top picks for shampoo include:

Pro You The Amplifier Shampoo 350ml
Pro You The Amplifier Shampoo
Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo Arginine 250ml
Bonacure Repair Rescue Shampoo Arginine
Revlon Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Shampoo
Revlon Equave Hydro Nutritive Detangling Shampoo

For men looking for a lighter shampoo this spring we love:

American Crew Detox Shampoo
American Crew Detox Shampoo
Gummy Hair Expert Shampoo 1L
Gummy Hair Expert Shampoo

Protect your hair from the sun and frizz

Spring means more time spent outside, which can be damaging to your hair if you’re not careful. To protect your hair from the sun’s harmful rays and to prevent frizz, wear a hat or use a hair product that contains SPF. Some of our favourites are:

Milk shake Sun and More Pack
Milk_shake Sun and More Pack
Revlon Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix & Shield
Revlon Magnet Ultimate Daily Fix & Shield
milk shake no frizz glistening spray
Milk_shake No Frizz Glistening Spray

Try a new style

Spring is the perfect time to try a new hairstyle! Whether you opt for a fresh new cut or just switch up your usual styling routine, a new look can be just what you need to feel refreshed and ready for the new season. some of our favourite hairstyles right now include: Jenna Ortega’s textured Chin-Length Bob and Kim Kardashian’s extra-long layers look.

Ultimately, getting your hair ready for spring is all about nourishing and protecting it from the damage caused by the winter weather. By following these simple tips, you’ll be well on your way to healthy, luscious locks that are ready to take on the season!