Ear Piercing is profitable for your Business

Caflon is profitable for your Salon Business(1)

Ear Piercing is profitable for your Business, here’s why…


Caflon is an international manufacturer of one of the most widely recognised ear piercing systems in the world. At The Hair & Beauty Company we offer a Caflon Ear Piercing Training Course and service. Caflon provides piercing technicians the most affordable ear piercing systems of the highest quality.

Caflon Systems

Caflon has 3 systems, Caflon Original, Caflon Blu and Safetec.

  • Caflon Original: The first Caflon system that uses the spring loaded mechanism, internationally accepted for over 35 years.
  • Caflon Blu: The Blu system was introduced to comply with the European Nickel Directive 2004/96/EC, mainly with the addition of the disposable adaptors to the Instrument.
  • Safetec: The newest form of piercing Instrument, the single encapsulated cartridge squeeze through system.

At The Hair & Beauty Company we offer the Caflon Blu System only.

Caflon Blu Style Range

The different Caflon Styles can be seen in the image below. This range consists of Birthstones, Clawset, Cabachons, Shapes, Plain Balls & Large Styles.

caflon ear piercing


What The Expert Says – Our Caflon Trainer, Catherine

What does the course entail?

“This is a 2 hour course that will teach you everything you need to know to carry out a safe ear piercing procedure in your salon/business. The first part of the course covers theory about ear piercing, Caflon and its products. During the second part of the course a detailed demonstration will be show on the materials and equipment used to carry out the piercing. After this I will supervise each student as they carry out piercing of the ear lobe on their model”


What can you do after the course?

“On completion of this course, the student will be able to carry out safe and easy ear piercing in their salon (or mobile business) using the Caflon Blu System.”


What areas can you pierce using Caflon Blu Systems?

The Caflon Blu System can only be used to pierce the Ear Lobes: the soft area of the ear that consists of skin covering connective fatty tissue (healing period is 4-6 weeks) and the Cartilage: a type of elastic tissue covered by skin and fine hair (healing period 12 weeks).

The shaded area in the diagram below.

caflon ear piercing


What do you need to do the course?

You will need to purchase the Caflon Student Kit in order to complete the course. This is included in the price of our Caflon Ear Piercing Course.

Each Caflon Student Kit contains:

  • Ear Piercing Gun
  • 1 Bottle Aftercare Lotion
  • Non Toxic Marker Pen
  • 12 Pairs of Studs
  • 12 Antiseptic Wipes.

 You will also need to bring a model to perform the ear piercing procedure on. Models will need to arrive for the second hour of this course (Models must be over 16 years of age).


Is it worth doing the course? Is Ear Piercing Profitable for your Business?

“Yes! Ear Piercing is profitable for your business! The certificate you receive on completion of the course is widely recognised by insurance companies. Caflon Ear Piercing system is a safe and useful profit making service requiring little financial investment, using minimal amounts of space and taking just a short amount of time.”

The Caflon Student Kit contains 12 pairs of studs! That is 12 customers you can serve before you need to purchase more studs. Take into consideration the small cost of the course, you will have made your money back after 3-4 customers. Everything after this is a PROFIT!


Who can benefit from this add on profitable service?

Anyone at all can benefit from becoming a qualified Caflon. After the 2 hour training course you have all the knowledge needed to provide this 10 minute service. The following businesses come straight to mind:

  • Barbers
  • Hairdressers
  • Makeup Artists
  • Beauticians
  • Jewellery Stores
  • Beauty Retail Shops


Caflon products and kits are available to buy at The Hair & Beauty Company. You can browse some of the earings here on our website. Upcoming Caflon course dates can be found on The Hair & Beauty Company Training Academy Facebook page.