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News Feed changes

Facebook News Feed changes. How will they effect business owners and the everyday Facebook user?

On 11th January 2018, Facebook (Mark Zuckerberg) announced major News Feed changes that are coming into play in the next few months.

What are these ‘News Feed’ changes?

Facebook has announced that it will start to rearrange your News Feed, prioritizing content by family, friends and groups, ie. real people. Until now, your Facebook News Feed has been prioritized with content/news/posts based on what Facebook thinks you want to see. The content shown comes from people/ brands/ pages you regularly interact with as well as posts and videos similar to those that you have interacted/engaged with. The latest News Feed changes will make family & friends posts more important in an effort to encourage person to person interaction and to create meaningful interactions between people.

Why so you care about these News Feed changes?

For business page/salon owners: If you are a business page owner, Facebook will reduce the organic reach of your posts. Page/post likes do not matter as much anymore. Facebook is more interested in real engagement with your page followers.


For everyday Facebook users: If you like to follow your favourite brand pages, local business etc… Facebook will limit these posts from being visible in your News Feed.


How do you make sure you don’t miss any updates from your favourite Brands/Facebook pages?

One way to ensure your favouirte brands don’t become lost in your News Feed is to ensure you have selected the ‘See First’ option.

You can activate ‘See First’ which will ensure posts by your favourite pages will be visible in your News Feed.

How to activate ‘See First’?

Go onto the page of your favouirte brands. Click the small triangle on the right hand side of ‘Following’ and select ‘See First’.

Facebok changes see first option


If you like to see all the product news, discounts and updates from us at The Hair & Beauty Company and The Hair & Beauty Company Training Academy, make sure to select the ‘See First’ option. We hope this will help you to stay connected with us and all your favourite Facebook pages.

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