GHD – Double Braided Bun Tutorial

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The first in our summer styles series is with the help of GHD who are showing us how to create the double braided bun hairstyle! You can check out our ghd products HERE

This look is so cute and ideal for the warmer weather in the summer. So enjoy this step by step and make sure to tag us in your recreations on Instagram!

First up is the 13 steps followed by a pictorial!


1. Create a neat centre parting

2. Secure one side away

3. Comb through hair

4. Take a section and split into three sections

5. Pass inner strand under the middle strand

6. Add hair into an inner strand and pass under middle strand again

7. Repeat steps 7 and 8, keeping the braid tight

8. At top of the hair, pull hair together and secure

9. Gather front into pony and secure

10. Repeat on another side

11. Pull braid out to fatten

12. Braid high ponys with a three-strand braid and secure

13. Twist each braid into buns and secure

Double Bun Pictorial





braided buns braided buns 55


How cute do these little buns look?! These would look gorge on a warm summers day OR if you really wanted to finish it off, you could sprinkle some glitter on the parting and have your own mini-festival out in the back garden!