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We’ve all had that client. That client who is never satisfied, no matter how hard you try… so what’s gone wrong?!
Let me tell you a story from when I was a stylist myself…LOREALI used to have a client who always insisted on having platinum blonde hair. She was obsessed with asking for

platinum every time she came for her appointment, and she got exactly what she asked for! But, for some reason, she was never 100% happy with the colour result. It was everything you would it expect it to be, and more, as a stylist: clean, seamless, great condition and, always, extreme shine (which we know can be difficult to achieve on blonde hair).
So, what was it that went wrong exactly? Perception. Her perception of platinum was not the same as mine! I discovered this through a consultation with her where I asked her what her perception of platinum was. Her answer: Jennifer Aniston- a beautiful, creamy warm blonde who couldn’t be further away from the truth of platinum! I now knew exactly what my she wanted and after I worked my magic, I finally had a happy platinum blonde client.
The message behind this story: everyone sees colour differently. It’s not all about shades on a shade chart. It’s about real people and real hair. Therefore, consultation is key, so I recommend you download Style My Hair Pro, from the App Store or Google Play Store, so that your client can find their perfect look. It’s all about communication after all, so L’Oréal Professionnel Paris has got your back!

Now that you’ve heard my story, let’s move on to how you can maximise colour and ensure that your clients get the personalised look that they are after. As I mentioned, every client is different, so I hope the below will give you some direction on how to achieve these looks, as well as the perfect L’Oréal Professionnel Paris product partners that you should be using.


natural iridicentDo your clients dream of a clean, iridescent blonde look? Then keep on reading! This look is best created on natural bases of 6 and above. Due to the underlying pigment, we need to consider no lower than an orange undercoat to be able to use Majirel High Lift to create a beautiful iridescent blonde from a permanent hair colourant. Start by mixing 25ml of Majirel High Lift Neutral and 25ml of Majirel High Lift Violet with 100ml of 30 Vol L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Cream Oxydant. on the first 10cm of the roots and then fuse into a Balayage.  For more top tips on how to create the perfect Balayage, visit L’Oréal ACCESS here. On the lengths and ends, apply Dia Light 10,12 and 75ml 9 Vol. deactivator for that glossy and iridescent finish. We recommend that your clients use Blondifier shampoo and conditioner, to gently cleanse the hair and emphasise the multi-dimensional shine of blonde hair. What blonde client doesn’t want that?!


copper golden


Next up, we have the perfect copper blonde: the ideal client for this would be anyone with a natural base of 6/7. Why? Well, let’s look at what lies below a natural level of 6/7. The answer? Yellow Orange/Orange.

nows lets get...Now let’s get into how you can achieve this gorgeous look on your clients. Start by Mixing 12.5ml of Majirel 6,3 and 37.5ml of Majirel 6,45 and mix with 75ml of 20 Vol L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Oxydant. Apply to the roots in alternating sections on the first 10cm and first 15cm of the hair to create softness. Mix 50ml of Majirel 7,43 + 75ml 20 Vol. L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Oxydant and 10-15ml of warm water. Take through the lengths and ends for an ombre-like blend.
If your client already has old Ombre/Balayage, this works even better, as you can create a technique by utilising what is already there, working alongside the Dia range. If, however, the old Ombre/Balayage needs a refresh, use the Blonde Studio range by L’Oréal Professionnel Paris to create this. We’d recommend using a freehand technique using Mutli-Techniques Bonder Inside to lighten and bond in one simple step.
To maintain this copper look, we suggest your clients use the Vitamino Color range at home, designed to make colour last longer for up to 8 weeks*. Brighter, more radiant, and softer hair… and even happier clients!


If you have a colour-shy client, or maybe one who is looking to create a low-maintenance colour look, then look no further! This lightlight golden brown golden-brown look is perfect for natural bases of 7: once again, the underlying pigment of yellow/orange makes it perfect for enhancing that golden shade, so your client can achieve that sun-kissed look. But why not make this a little more interesting, by smudging some of our pre-lightener with a low oxidant. Dreamy!
Start by mixing 30g of Blond Studio Freehand Powder and 45ml of 20 Vol L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Oxydant to the lengths and ends to add that extra touch of light. After development and lightness is achieved, rinse to remove pre-lightener and dry the hair. Next, mix Majirel 5,0 and 75ml of 20 Vol L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Oxydant and apply to the root area.
Mix Majirel 7,3 and 75ml of 12.5 Vol L’Oréal Professionnel Paris Oxydant, mixed with 10-15ml of warm water. Apply to the mid-lengths and ends.
For added hydration, we recommend your clients use the Nutrifier range at home to nourish the hair and leave it feeling softer. Your clients deserve to give their hair that extra TLC after all!

Now you know more about Majirel and our perfect colour partners, it’s time to get creative! Remember, one size doesn’t fit all: every client is unique and will want different services, but this is where communication is key. It’s not long now until your clients are back in the chair, so why not book them in for a virtual consultation now? Let’s get ready to get back to work!

*instrumental test shampoo and conditioner.