Go Green for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated every year on 17th March. It is the celebration and feast of St. Patrick and also the celebration of Irish culture and heritage. Festivities occur all over the world on the 17th March in the form of parades, ceilidh’s and festivals. Have a look at this article showing some of the many locations that celebrate St. Patrick’s Day.


Traditions of this national holiday include dressing from head to toe in the Irish colours and wearing green, white and gold face paint, and so we have picked some of our best ‘green’ products that will ensure you are ready to embrace your Irishness and celebrate the national holiday this Friday.


Semi-Permanent Hair Dye

Semi-permanent hair dye is perfect for the occasion. Dare to go green and choose from our selection below! We have added some inspo to show you the looks you could achieve by using these hair dyes.


  1. Emerald Green: Back in 2015 Kylie Jenner unveiled a fabulous vivid green hair colour. We love this look and it can be achieved using Crazy Color no. 53.


st patrick's day
Crazy Color – Emerald Green no. 53
st patrick's day
Kylie Jenner, 2015 (Source: DailyMail)











2. Pastel Peppermint: Kylie also rocked a peppermint green hair colour in 2015. This pastel colour is gorgeous on blondes and can be achieved using Lisaplex – Peppermint.


st. PAtrick's Day
Lisaplex Pastel Colour – Peppermint
St. Patrick's Day
Kyle Jenner, 2015 (Source: Pinterest)











3. Tropical Green: Kylie tested the tropical green dip dye look in 2014 which we truly adored. You too can recreate this look using Stargazer – Tropical Green.


st. patrick's day
Stargazer – Tropical Green
st patricks day
Kylie Jenner, 2014 (Source: Pinterest)













Get create and add some Irish Charm to your nails using some of our fabulous nail colours and nail art. We have the perfect St. Patrick’s Day Semilac colours for you; Semilac Dancer From RioSemilac French Vanilla and Semilac Juicy Orange. This week we have included all three Semilac colours into our Manager’s Special. You can buy all three (VAT FREE) at only €26.97!

Here we have included some fabulous nail inspo to get you in a creative mindset.


1. Lucy’s Stash – Four Leaf Clover Nail Art

st patricks day
(Source: Lucy’s Stash)


2.St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Nails

st patricks day
(Source: sensationails4u)


3.White Clover St. Patrick’s Day Nails

(Source: Nailsbykellymf)


If you are feeling the Irish Charm then why not choose some of our Authentic Swarovski Crystals to add to your nails. Check out our selection of crystals here.

Make sure to get your bits in time for St. Patrick’s Day. Call to one of our stores or contact us here.

Finally, make sure to send us on your finished looks, we would love to see them!