Do you suffer with Seasonal Hair Loss? Here’s our solution

Keraplat Energizing Anti Hair Loss

Seasonal hair loss

As humans, we have hair growing all over our bodies and shedding hair is a natural occurrence. Humans shed between 50-100 strands of hair each day, however, there are some factors that may cause an extra loss of hair. Seasonal hair loss is known to affect humans, especially women, in Autumn and again in Spring (March-April) when they experience a greater amount of hair loss due to a combination of environment changes that affect the body and more. Click here to find out more about seasonal hair loss.


The Solution

If you suffer from seasonal hair loss and are anxious to find a solution, then look no further. This week we are offering an amazing Manager’s Special on the following Keraplant Anti Hair Loss products that will help to energize and stimulate the growth of your hair.


This week’s Manager’s Special includes:


1. Lisap Keraplant Energizing Lotion Complex: ONLY €16.50

The Keraplant Energizing Lotion Complex helps to stimulate hair growth and also regulates the sebaceous secretations of the scalp.

keraplant energizing lotion
Keraplant Energizing Lotion


2. Lisap Keraplant Sebum Balance Shampoo: 250ml ONLY €6.99/ 500ml ONLY €9.99]

The Keraplant Sebum Balance Shampoo is specially designed to balance and clean oily scalp & hair.

anti hair loss
Keraplant Sebum Balance Shampoo


3. Lisap Keraplant X-Factor: ONLY €26.00

Keraplant X-Factor is a super-intense anti-hair loss treatment that stimulates hair growth and also slows hair loss. This product encourages the revival of cellular metabolism by its oxygenation and microcirculation.

anti hair loss
Keraplant X-Factor



This offer is for a limited time only so don’t hesitate. Get yours today here on our website.