Hair Loss and how to fight it!

Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is more common than you might think,  one-third of women experience hair loss at some time in their lives, aandrogenetic alopecia (female pattern baldness) being the most common type.

The reason for female pattern baldness is not entirely understood, but seem to be related to aging as well as changes in the levels of androgens, a type of hormone in the body.

Though there is no cure for hair loss that has already occured, there are products that can help prevent hair loss or stop the process  from continuing.

While certainly more common at older ages hair loss can set in any time.

Lisap Milano’s Keraplant Anti Hair Loss range aims to combat hair loss, products within this range offer a balancing and detoxifying treatment useful to remove toxin, philological impurity and environmental pollution.

Keraplant Anti Hair Loss range may also benefit those who have experienced a thinning of the hair after use of hair extensions.

It is a super-intensive anti-hair loss treatment that stimulates hair growth and slow hair loss, encouraging cellular metabolism, oxygenation and micro-circulation.

An examination with a Hand held Camera Microscope can reveal the state of the scalp and vunerability to hair loss by examining the folicles upclose.

The Hair & Beauty Company has a Hand Held MIcro Scopic Microscope and examinations are availible in store on specific days.


If you would like to know more about Hair loss and how it effects women please visit the sites we used as sources for this article linked below

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