Wahl’s NEW Cordless Magic Clip

Wahl Professional Cordless Magic Clipper

Here at “Hair & Beauty Company” we are always looking ouf for the next best products for our customers and herer is something new and realy speciel from “Wahl”.

Wahl UK Ltd is proud to be launching the new Cordless Magic Clip onto the professional barbering market from May 2016.

The Cordless Magic Clip is one of the latest products to be launched as part of the Wahl 5 Star Series, a specialist range of powerful, dynamic clippers and trimmers created for barbers who demand the best.

Featuring a “Staggered Tooth” blade and “Crunch Blade” technology, the Cordless Magic Clip is designed to feed through hair faster and visibly improve blending. It also delivers an improved fading ability and creates a smoother cut all-round. Additionally, with a simple and easy adjustment to zero overlap, even-blended clipping and skin tight fading is easily achieved.

Utilising high precision blade grinding technology along with the highest quality steel suitable for haircutting, the Cordless Magic Clip provides one of the best professional cutting performances available on the current market. Incorporated within the clipper is an adjustable blade which can be set accordingly to help create the desired length and look.

The Cordless Magic Clip benefits from a powerful long life Lithium Ion battery, designed to provide superior longer lasting power and flexibility of use. This ensures product longevity and is especially ideal for busy barber shops.

Boasting a durable motor, the Wahl Cordless Magic Clip is powerful, more hardworking and glides through the thickest of hair with the greatest of ease. With its increased cutting power, the impressive motor runs cooler, delivering the efficiency and reliability required for continual use throughout the day. Should the charge begin to run low, simply plug the clipper into the mains to continue with your cutting. The handy cord/cordless option of this clipper provides the user with flexibility and freedom of use wherever they are.

Simon Shaw, European Artistic Director for Wahl UK, added “The amazing blade technology of the Cordless Magic Clipper allows the user to skin fade more easily and precise. It is a barbers dream tool”.

Expertly engineered in the USA for guaranteed superior performance, the Cordless Magic Clip forms an essential component of any skilled barber’s kit. Still retaining the iconic design known and loved by barbers worldwide, the Cordless Magic Clip combines classic aesthetics and an ergonomic design along with modern technology for any contemporary barber.

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