What’s “The best tanning product” out there?

TanNatural Salon Tanning Spray

We don’t have a lot of sun in Ireland. So it’s no surprise that almost every one of us needs a little bit of a ‘’sun kissed’’ glow now and again, it doesn’t matter if it’s summer, winter or in between, we want to look fabulous all year round. But it’s really difficult to find the right tanning products that fades nice and gradually without too many problems like patches, stains on clothes etc… and the smell… yes, this is the main issue with fake tans.

Well this year we here at “The Hair And Beauty Company” have taken it upon ourselves to try and answer this question for you. We have tested many tanning products in our shop but one of them deserves to be mentioned – the new “TanNatural Salon Tanning Spray. This paraben and perfume free formula with certified organic ingredients last 5-7 days, dries quickly and doesn’t leave a sticky layer on the skin. Also, it doesn’t smell like most other tanning products on the market “That’s a big plus for us here”. But the best part of all is it wears and fades really well. We couldn’t find any fault with it at all its really that good.

TanNatural Salon Tanning Spray” comes in three fantastic tones,

  • Light 9%DHA,
  • Medium 10%DHA
  • Dark 12%DHA

And it also comes in two handy sized bottles:

  • 1 litre bottles for a spray gun
  • 250ml in a pump spray bottle.

If you’re asking yourself the question “is this TanNatural Salon Tanning Spray only for professional use?” worry no more, not only would it be suitable for beauty salons but can be used for home tanning too. Here at the “Hair and Beauty Company” we would consider “TanNatural Salon Tanning Sprayone of the best tanning products on the market today.

And it won’t break the bank!