How to dye your beard, like the professionals!

How to dye your beard

Here at The Hair And Beauty Company” Hair dyes are a large part of our Hair Care range, but “Hair dyes for men” especially when it comes to dying beards can sometimes not get the attention they deserve.

So taking advantage of the upcoming “St Patrick’s Day” festivities and the fact that the newest member of our team was sporting a nicely manicured and trimmed up beard. We have decided to do up a 7 point step by step guide, outlining how to achieve a professionally dyed beard from the comfort of your own home. Oh and yes we also added pictures enjoy!.

Beard Dying Steps

  • Materials
  • Space
  • Bleach
  • Dye
  • Final Wash & Perfect
  • Second Possible Dye
  • Be Awesome


First of all, you will need to have the proper products to dye your beard; you can get this in any good “Bleaching Kit” they include:

  • Powder bleach
  • Peroxide
  • Gloves and a brush

You can find these items separate, but we would recommend you buy the “Crazy Colour Bleaching Kit” it is great value and contains everything you need before dying your beard.

Hair Dye

This is the easy part. Just choose your favourite colour and go for it, “Crazy Colour” is good, but make sure the dye is suitable for use on facial hair this is very important..


How to dye anbeard, Step 1In order to protect your clothes from dye and bleach, use a plastic sheet or cape to cover up its best to wear it until the end of the procedure. Also try putting some “Vaseline” on areas of your skin that you want to protect from dye, color dyes tend to color your skin if you do not protect it.

If you end up with dye on the skin don’t panic, just use some stain remover or wipes to remove it quickly.


When dying anything, you are going to work with hazardous materials which you don’t want to get on your furniture and some parts of your body, so you will need plenty of space for move your hands freely.

Along with space a distraction free environment is preferred as you don’t want to get disturbed by anything, for example: a normal house hold bathroom would be ideal, plenty of space and you can lock the door for some peace and quiet. Crowded parties or public environment are not really great for this type of delicate procedure. But we can’t help with the location just everything else.


This step is vital. It’s the difference between ending up with a fantastic looking beard that you can show off on a night out or spending the evening in A&E. We highly recommended testing the product first. For your safety, try bleach and dye first on a small portion of your beard and see what happens, if pain or allergic reaction occurs, clean it with warm water and stop the process.

This is because some people can be allergic to some of the components contained in hair dyes without even knowing about it.


A question we get asked a lot is “Why is it important to bleach your beard before dying it?”

The answer is, when dying hair, pre-lightening / bleaching is important when the hair is darker than the desired colour. For example, if the colour green is applied to dark hair, the result will be a really dark greeny brown colour – not nice!

How to dye a beard, Step 2

  • When you have your materials and enough space to work, it is time to bleach your beard, follow the instructions that appear in the “Crazy Colour Bleaching Kit.”
  • Put protection on your clothes and Vaseline in parts of skin you want to protect from dye.
  • Mix one of the small bags of powder bleach with half of the peroxide bottle. Use the brush to do it.
  • When you have the bleach mixed, apply it to your beard using the brush, be careful with skin around your beard, and extremely cautious with your eyes, do NOT try to bleach or dye your eyebrows or eyelashes.
  • When you have applied your bleach, wait between 12 & 20 minutes, depending on two factors: irritation and beard color.
It is normal to feel a little amount of irritation when you are in the last minutes, but if this really hurts, stop the process and clean it with warm water.

If your beard is very dark, it will need more time to bleach (20 minutes). Otherwise, if you have a fair beard, it would be easier to bleach, so you will need less time. If you have a blonde beard, you do not really need to bleach it.

How to dye a beard, Step 3What we are looking for with the bleach is to make our beard lighter (blond) to improve the effect of the dye, so when you see your beard blond or light orange, it should be ready for the next step.

Clean your beard with hot water and dry it with a towel.


How to dye a beard, Step 4

Open the color that you have chosen and apply it with a brush to your beard, keep it on for 20 – 30 minutes.

You do not need to mix it with peroxide.

 Final Wash & Perfect

Wash your beard with water and shampoo two times, until water runs clear. Then we recommend shaving the parts of your beard that you do not like, usually there are parts that keep their original colour, so we advise to remove them, just to look nice.

Second Possible Dye

After few hours or the day after you dye your beard, you can repeat the dye process without bleaching, just to make the color stronger.

Be Awesome

When you have finished all the process, you just have to look awesome, enjoy it!

How to dye a mbeard, Step 5

And that’s it really. Everything you need to know about dying your beard. We hope this guide helps with all your beard dying questions. If there is anything else Hair & Beauty related you would like to know, please feel free to contact us and we will try our best to help you out.