Mermaid Hair – Step by Step Tutorial!

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Mermaid hair is a huge trend right now and ghd is going to make sure you are ready for it!
Enjoy this step by step tutorial on how to achieve stunning mermaid hair vibes!


1. Spray curl hold spray on hair

2. Dry product in with hairdryer and paddle brush

3. Separate crown to back of the ear
and take a horizontal section from the bottom

4. Point curling wand downwards and place
above hair

5. Twist wrap hair

6. Catch curl and cup until cooled

7. Pull the end of curl to create a wave

8. Repeat the technique to back of the head

9. On the opposite side, twist wrap hair and curl
away from face

10. Repeat technique, working up section

11. Shake curled hair out

12. Spray with final shine spray

mermh mermh2 mermh3 mermh4


It really is as simple as that! To really spice it up add hair gel to the roots and then sprinkle glitter on top!

There are so many ways you can style mermaid waves and the best of all is that the style holds FOR DAYS! the more you brush it, the bigger the hair gets!

Happy Styling!