New Lisap Anti Yellow Product Range


Lisap has answered your prayers about dull brassy hair. They have released their brand new Light Scale Anti Yellow range and it is available to shop right now on our website.

These products have been specifically created to remove yellow and brass tones from lightened, bleached or naturally grey hair to keep it looking fresh! The diamond powder and pearl hydrolyzate contained within it respect the hair structure, giving extreme shine strengthening the hair, and making it visibly healthier.

The products in the range are:

  • Anti yellow Shampoo
  • Anti yellow Mask
  • Anti yellow Mousse
  • and an anti-yellow spray.

Let’s look at the mask and mousse and break down the differences.

The Light Scale Care Anti-Yellow Mask has a high concentration of purple pigment and can neutralize the most intense yellow reflections leaving the product penetrating the hair deeply.

Light Scale Care Antigiallo Mousse has a lower hydrating and toning power, making it perfect for less intense neutralizations. The mousse works as a quick toning option but for more frequent hair toning, the mask would be recommended as it has hydrating properties too!
This anti-yellow range is to replace the now discontinued Silver Care product. So if you liked Silver Care, you will love the Anti Yellow Range!
How Do I Use It?
Use disposable gloves, apply to damp hair, massage in thoroughly, leave on for up to 5 minutes depending on the desired level of neutralization and rinse with plenty of warm water. Repeat the application if necessary.
The following chart will give you an idea of product strength.
Anti Yellow reflection neutralisation

The Lisap anti-yellow line aims to make maintenance at home in between salon appointments easy.