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The Manicure Company Builder Base


Builder Base faq

Builder Base gel builder in a bottle is a new unique gel formula that offers fast, strong and light nail enhancements.


What is BUILDER BASE? Builder Base is a gel formula with the strength of a builder gel packaged in a bottle that can be used for a variety of nail treatments.
What can you use Builder Base for? Builder Base can be used for various things and treatments.

  • As a gel polish base coat for added strength.
  • As a builder gel to extend a nail over a form or nail tip.
  • For a gel overlay on natural nails.
  • To infill gel nails.
  • To adhere nail art pieces.
  • To encapsulate glitter and other nail art items.
What is the difference between Builder Base and your other gel builder products? Builder Base unlike our other gel products is a UV and LED curable soak off formula. Our other gels are a hard gel formula.

Builder Base also has a thinner formula yet still maintains perfect strength and durability which makes it such a versatile product.

Unlike our other gels Builder Base has a bottle to nail design which aids in speeding up treatment processes.

What is the difference between Builder Base and regular gel polish base coats? Builder Base is much stronger than regular gel polish base coats. The gel formula is also a much thicker consistency to a normal base coat, however, it has high self-levelling properties which ensure a smooth foundation layer.

Builder Base also comes in 8 shades, unlike regular base coats which are perfect for enhancing nails or masking any nail damage or discolouration.

Unlike normal gel polish base coats Builder Base is strong enough to use as a gel overlay system or for gel extensions.

How many treatments will 1 bottle of Builder Base yield? As Builder Base is such a versatile product and as such can be used for many treatments the amount of sets 1 bottle will achieve will vary. Here is an estimate for your reference.

When using as a gel polish base coat you should achieve 60+ sets when using 1 coat.

When using to apply a gel overlay to natural nails you should achieve 40+ sets per bottle. This is on an average length of natural nails.

When using for a gel enhancement over tips or forms you should achieve 15-25 sets per bottle depending on the length of the enhancement.

Please note, these are guides only and actual results may vary depending on multiple factors.

Preparing the nail for Builder Base application. The Builder Base formula is based on a traditional builder gel and requires similar preparation.

These prep steps should always be followed when using Builder Base.

1. Perform a dry manicure. Ensure all cuticle growth is removed and pushed back from the nail plate.

2. Etch/buff the nail plate to remove surface shine and aid in the adherence of the builder base product.

3. Clean the nail with pro prep and wipe solution ensuring all dust and oils are removed.

4. Scrub the nail with gel off solution or acetone to dehydrate the nail plate further.

Note: It is vital that the correct prep of the nail is performed to ensure the adhesion of the product.

Do you use a gel polish base coat before Builder Base? A gel polish base coat is not usually required when using Builder Base for a gel polish treatment.

However, if your client has thin nails which bend and flex easily we recommend applying 1 layer of regular base coat, curing as normal before builder base.

Ensure all prep steps are completed as normal.

A base coat is not required when using builder base to extend the nail over a nail tip or form.

What are the cure times for Builder Base? We recommend curing each Builder Base layer in our Dual Pro lamp for 60 seconds. If using a UV lamp we recommend a cure time of 120 seconds. If using another LED lamp we recommend curing for a minimum of 60 seconds.
Will I experience heat spikes with Builder Base? In most cases, when application and conditions are correct you should not experience a heat spike with Builder Base. However, if you do encounter heat spikes we recommend the below tips.

1. If you or a client is experiencing a heat spike we recommend using the ‘low heat mode’ on our Dual Pro lamp. This will reduce the lamp power and increase it over a 99 second period gradually increasing the wattage and curing the product.

2. Ensure you are not applying the Builder Base too thick. 2-3 layers is best over 1 thick layer.

3. Ensure the clients nails are healthy and not damaged or too thin.

4. Flash cure the product for a few seconds before returning to cure for the full recommended time.

Do I need to use a primer with Builder Base? No, a primer is not essential. However, the correct prep steps should be followed as described in the FAQ above ‘Preparing the nail for Builder Base application’.
Should I use gel bonder before Builder Base? No. There is no need to use gel bonder prior to Builder Base application. You should prep the nail and apply Builder Base straight after.

If the client has thin nails that bend easily we recommend applying 1 layer of gel polish base coat before builder base. This is only required for gel polish treatments and overlays.

Do I need to file Builder Base? Yes and No.

If you are using Builder Base as a gel polish base coat you do not need to file the product. Simply ensure you apply 1-2 thin coats and then apply your colour coat or top coat on top. Do not remove the inhibition layer.

If you are creating a gel extension. You will need to remove the inhibition layer and refine the nail shape by filing.

Using Builder Base as a gel polish base coat. If you want to add extra strength to a clients nails or if a client has damaged nails and you need to create a smooth base simply apply 1 thin layer of your chosen Builder Base shade and cure as recommended. Ensure to cap the free edge with Builder Base when using as a base coat.

If the clients nails are thin and easily bend we recommend applying 1 layer of our regular gel polish base coat first before your builder base layer.

Then simply apply your gel colour coats as normal. Simple.

Creating a gel overlay on natural nails. Builder Base is perfect for gel overlays. It comes in 8 shades, 6 of which are beautiful pinks/neutrals.

To create an overlay complete the prep of the nail and cleanse/dehydrate. Now apply 1-2 layers of builder base curing each layer as recommended. Note: If the client has thin nails that bend easily, apply 1 layer of regular gel polish base coat first and cure.

You can then top coat the nail and leave the natural Builder Base shade or you can add a gel polish shade on top.

Remember if you do not need to file the cured Builder Base there is no need to remove the inhibition layer from the cured gel.

If your overlay needs refining, remove the inhibition layer with pro prep and wipe solution before filing.

Creating a gel extension with Builder Base. Thanks to the strong formula of Builder Base it is perfect for creating a gel extension. Plus with 8 shades there’s the perfect colour for everyone.

Prepare the natural nail as normal and apply your nail tip or form.

Now apply a thin layer of Builder Base all over the nail and tip (if using a form this is the time to create your shape and length).

Cure the first thin layer as recommended.

Now apply a thicker layer (your build layer) of Builder Base creating your apex. Cure as recommended.

If needed you can apply a further layer of Builder Base to refine your shape. Cure this layer as recommended.

Remove the inhibition layer using Pro Prep & Wipe and then file and refine the nail one final time.

You can now top coat the finished enhancement leaving the natural builder Base shade or apply a gel polish colour.

Infilling nails with Builder Base. Builder Base makes infills quick and easy thanks to its self-levelling formula and bottle to nail packaging. It is ideal for the product to be used for a long period of time with infills being the main follow up treatment.

To infill a nail, follow your regular prep steps such as removing colour coats and top coats. Also, remove any lifting if any has occurred.

Using the Builder Base brush take a bead of product and place just below the natural regrowth.

Using the brush push the Builder Base gel towards the cuticle and allow to level out.

Brush the product down the length of the nail and cure. You can go back and refine with more product if needed.

Encapsulating glitter with Builder Base. Thanks to the thicker formula of Builder Base the shade clear can be used to encapsulate glitter or nail art.

After you have applied your glitter, brush the surface to ensure any loose particles are removed.

Take a bead of Builder Base in shade clear and start from the cuticle and work the gel down over then nail. Try to ‘float’ the product over the glitter rather than brushing with force.

Cure as recommended and then top coat with your chosen gel polish top coat.

REMOVING BUILDER BASE Builder Base is a soak off gel formula however, the system works best for nail growth if infilled rather than removed completely.

If you do need to remove the product we recommend following these steps.

If you are removing a gel nail extension which would have a thicker layer of Builder Base you should first remove the bulk of the product by filing it down. Then wrap or soak the nails in acetone for 15 minutes. Check the nails after this time and push of the top layer. Return for a further 5 minutes if needed.

When removing a gel polish treatment which has utilized Builder Base you should remove the top coat first and then wrap or soak the nails for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes remove the nails one by one and push off the top layer of product. Now return the nails to the wrap or bowl and soak for a further 5 minutes.

Note, removal time will depend on how thick the Builder Base has been applied. Removing the bulk of the product first will speed up the process.