Essential Oils: Hair, Skin and Mind benefits

Essential oil

Being healthy means taking care of your body and mind. It comes from the inside out! Essential oils have proven to be all round products that have benefits for your body and mind; some mentioned in this post.

Essential oils are concentrated liquids that contain compounds from plants. An oil is described as being “essential” when it contains the essence of the plant it comes from. Essential oils have several uses and benefits.

They can be used on the skin, hair and for the body. If you want to read more about essential oils click here.

We stock a wide range of essential oils and want to run through the benefits of our top sellers below.


1. Lavender

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Lavender is possibly the most versatile essential oil and can be used in a number of different ways.

For the skin: Lavender can be used to cleanse cuts & irritations, relieve dry and itchy skin, and reduce bee sting swelling

For the mind: Lavender oil is the perfect calming and sleeping aid.

For the hair: Lavender oil prevents hair loss and promotes hair growth!

You can get more uses of lavender oil right here.


2. Rosemary

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For the skin: Rosemary oil has antiseptic qualities and helps to reduce dermatitis, eczema and other skin conditions. This oil is also a good pain reliever in treating headaches and muscle pain

For the hair: Rosemary oil is perfect for oily hair as it clears pores, stimulates hair follicles and ensures hair is non- greasy. This oil is also used to prevent premature greying.

For the mind: Rosemary oil has the power to boost mental activity as it is an excellent brain and nerve tonic.

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3. Chamomile

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Chamomile is known for its effects of relaxing and calming.

For the skin: Chamomile oil leaves skin looking young and blemish free and is perfect for those who suffer from acne as it reduces inflammation and redness.

For the hair: Chamomile oil has the power to combat dandruff and relieve itchy scalps. This oil can be used to condition hair and give a lighter colour to the hair

For the mind: This essential oil is a natural antidepressant and has a calming and relaxing effect.

More information on chamomile oil benefits and uses can be got here.


4. Clary sage

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For the skin: Clary sage oil is used as an antiseptic and can protect wounds from becoming infected. This oil is also used as an antispasmodic as it can treat spasms and muscle cramps.

For the hair: Clary sage oil prevents premature balding and can stimulate hair growth. This oil is used to control dandruff and makes frizzy hair soft and more manageable.

For the body: Clary Sage Oil is a known anti-depressant and can boost self-esteem, confidence, hope and mental strength, thereby efficiently fighting depression.

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5. Tea Tree Oil

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For the skin: Tea tree oil is used on wounds, cuts, bites and stings as an antiseptic.

For the hair: Tea tree oil is the number one for eliminating dandruff. This oil moisturises and relieves a dry and itchy scalp by uncloging hair follicles.

For the body: This oil has an overall positive effect on boosting health and protecting the body from diseases.

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Essential oil display in our store.

Apply a small amount of essential oil to the skin, rub it through your hair, use it as a massage aid or use it in your essential oil burners. There are so many uses for essential oils that will benefit your body and mind. Browse through our essential oils here.