Sulfate, Paraben & Cruelty-Free. All you need to know!

Hi everyone, so as most of you probably already know, a familiar sign around our stores is our animal-friendly, CRUELTY-FREE badge. We are proud to stock brands that are cruelty-free!


Why should you choose cruelty-free?

Cruelty-free means that products/ brands DO NOT test on animals. Often this is not the case and small innocent animals are suffering from being tested on. Baby rabbits, guinea pigs and mice are left crippled, blinded and poisoned as a result of being tested with chemicals. This is not ok and we do not want to support this! We believe that everyone should choose cruelty-free products, cosmetics and brands to stop these poor animals from being harmed.


Some of our cruelty-free brands














Many of our products are also sulfate and paraben free.


What does sufate and paraben free mean?

Sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate aka SLS) is a surfactant found in shampoos. Although sulfate is used to get rid of dirt and oil from the hair, it has a negative side. This ingredient is responsible for creating suds (or the extra lather) when washing your hair and it eliminates the barrier between your hair and the shampoo. Previous studies have shown how sulfate has a damaging effect on hair by inhibiting its growth.

Paraben is a preservative used in products to prolong their shelf life and to prevent bacterial or fungal growth. Parabens are known to cause irritation to the skin and in some cases causing rosacea or dermatitis. Sulfate and paraben are chemicals found in many hair and skincare products.You can read more about sulfates and parabens here.


So why should you choose Sulfate and Paraben free products?

  1. First of all it is very important that you choose sulfate and paraben free products for young infants as these ingredients can cause permanent damage to their eyes and can lead to allergic skin reactions.
  2. Research has shown that sulfate is actually toxic for your hair as it thins hair and can aid to hair loss.
  3. Also, it is known that sulfate free and paraben free shampoos can actually benefit hair by holding moisture and keeping it nourished making hair less prone to breaking.


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We hope you have learned some more about this topics. Let us know your thoughts!